Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The tale of Mr Ten

The tale of Mr Ten ( M1 no.10 ) by Marc Furnival

M1 no.10 hostage

Against accusations of Stockholm Syndrome, Mr Ten settled well in to his adopted home, close to the River Thames.

However, whilst defending his new home, Mr Ten did not survive the infraction at the threshold.

In honour of his valiant actions, he was afforded a full warrior burial, facing out to sea at Beachy Head.

He will be sadly missed, but not forgotten.



farewell, farewell...

Monday, 20 July 2009

Take M1 for a Walk

On 28th June M1 became part of Chutney 3: Voice of Chutney at the Camberwell's Arts festival, I made mini-clones at Camberwell Green and then asked visitors to take a clone for a walk around the Green. Their traces and behaviors were investigated later.

From 1pm, I set up at the Green with a sign 'Take M1 a walk' and then produced my mini clones - M1, these were 7cm high plasticine figures. They were numbered individually. I handed them to people passing asking to take the clones for a walk and leave them wherever they liked around the Green.

asking for a walk

asking for a walk & contact



22 M1s took a walk in Camberwell Green.

After 7pm, I started the investigation - Where had the mini clones gone and what had they been doing?

I searched for them for 2 hours. I found 10 around the Green and knew that another 2 got kidnapped and had gone to Hackney Wick and Regents Park.

10 M1s remained missing.

If anyone knows where the other M1s have gone, please let me know the details and send photos to your email here.

M1 no.15 & 16 chilling out

M1 no.17 with a penny

M1 no.10 kidnapped

M1 no.3 ...dead

M1 no.21 lost in thought

M1 no.22 in danger

M1 no.22 in danger2

M1 no.8 at war memorial

M1 no.5 & 14 at tree house

M1 no.5 & 14 at tree house2

Here are people who took M1s for a walk.